“Trust everyone, but always cut the cards.” W.C. Fields


There’s a fascination with Vegas, the dream of hitting it big and never looking back.

My name is Jeff Walsh and for most of my life I’ve been fascinated with casinos, gambling, and card rooms. Roughly 20 years ago I began an in-depth study of the psychology, sociology, philosophy, and body language of professional gamblers and casinos. How people function, how they react, and how they interact with others under high pressure, high stakes, situations. Beyond that, I delved into the backrooms where the stakes are often more than just money. The card-rooms where cheats and hustlers linger and work. I’ve learned directly from the guys and gals that make their living by manipulating the game right in front of your eyes.

For the last 10 years I’ve been professionally performing all that I’ve learned. The fundamentals of the gambling and cheating world. I’ve taken casino methods, and card room mechanics, and transformed them into a theatrical performance. I put on display the very things card cheats try to hide. You and your guests have the opportunity to see, in person, what no one is ever supposed to see. Imagine for a moment, being able to walk into a room full of cheaters, hustlers, con-men, short-change artist, pickpockets, and thieves without any of the dangers. Allow me to walk you through The Secrets of Vegas.


The Secrets of Vegas

“He literally tells you how he’s going to cheat at cards, then does it right in front of your face. And you see NOTHING!”

An experience unlike any before it, and quite possibly any to ever come again. Explore the thoroughly fascinating world of casinos and card rooms. Throughout my show you’ll see just how intuitive and bold cheaters really can be. You’ll be invited to play a handful games that demonstrate top level hustles and cheats, without ever risking a single dollar. Best of all, you’ll have the most fun and laughs you’ve ever had while being cheated.

Pull up a chair, have a seat, and allow me to show exactly why you always need to cut cards.


Corporate or Private Events

Today, top level companies and celebrities are seeking those who can deliver more than a show, they want an experience. They want something that goes beyond “magic tricks,” they want to feel as though they were apart of something special. Private events such as weddings, birthdays, and special celebrations are seeking those who can give their friends, family, and co-workers something more, something beyond the typical. They want to something fun and memorable, and that’s what I give them.

My show can accommodate a private, intimate event consisting of a small group of people, an event with hundreds of guests, or a social gathering where people are encouraged to mingle together. For more information, or to book a showing please follow the link below.

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