“You can really tell he’s spent way too much time alone with a deck of cards.”

— Random Observant Spectator


“As seen at your local buffet…”

I’m only joking…I mean, you might’ve seen me at the buffet, who knows. What I do know is that I’ve spent thousands of hours refining my techniques to provide a thoroughly entertaining demonstration of sleight of hand. It is my goal to not only amaze, but impress. I make no allusions to mystical arts, or snapping fingers to make cards jump around. Instead, I tell you upfront that everything you see is influenced, and what you don’t see, well, that’s what makes it feel like magic. The fun part is that the magic often takes place right at your fingertips.


Corporate or Private Events

I’m sure you’ve seen videos of magicians hanging out at a celebrity’s party, performing effects while everyone is astonished and having a good time. It looks fun, and frankly…it is. Cast out any preconceived ideas of having a magician at your event. The days of pulling rabbits out of hats, or wearing a top hat and cape while yelling hocus-pocus are gone. Magic and magicians have evolved, or at least some of us have. Magic has been elevated beyond those things and entered into a new down-to-earth style. Today, companies everywhere are hiring those on the forefront of this new style. Private events such as weddings, birthdays, celebrations are all bringing in top level performers to give their friends, family, and workers a night of memorable moments.

Whether it’s an event consisting of ten people sitting around as a magician performs sleight of hand; or an event with hundreds of mingling guests wherein the magician performs a short, intimate show for a few people then moves onto the next group; having a magician at your event sets you apart, and provides an unforgettable experience for you and your guests.

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