“What the eyes see and ears hear, the mind believes.” –Houdini


There’s a fascination with the unknown. It scares us, well most of us, for a certain few it becomes a challenge.

My name is Jeff Walsh and for most of my life I’ve been fascinated with magic. I can still remember the day I saw my first magic book. It was a red binder, old and dusty, filled with pages telling the secrets behind those mystifying performances. This book set me on my path, and roughly 20 years ago I began to fulfill my childhood dream: I became a professional magician. Now all these years later, I’m still wildly thankful to be living out my passion.

For the last 10 years I’ve been handcrafting my act to only include the most impactful of routines. I’ve spent countless hours honing my craft in order to allow myself to create a sense of childhood for my clients. Magic takes us to a place where the unbelievable can be observed, and the impossible happens right in our hands. It’s my goal with each client, each performance, to create a moment where every individual gets to experience that childlike wonder once again.


“He literally had me just sitting in awe. I wasn’t trying to figure things out, or catch anything, I just sat there, amazed.”

My performance has been called, “an experience unlike any before,” and I work tirelessly to capture that feeling for everyone. From the moment I bring out a deck of cards, or make a coin vanish and reappear in your hands, I have one thing in mind: make the magic feel real.

Corporate or Private Events

Today, top level companies and celebrities are seeking those who can deliver more than a show, they want an experience. They want something that goes beyond “magic tricks,” they want to feel as though they were apart of something special. Private events such as weddings, birthdays, and special celebrations are seeking those who can give their friends, family, and co-workers something more, something beyond the typical. They want to something fun and memorable, and that’s what I give them.

My show can accommodate a private, intimate event consisting of a small group of people, an event with hundreds of guests, or a social gathering where people are encouraged to mingle together. For more information, or to book a showing please follow the link below.

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