Have you ever heard the phone ring, and somehow you instinctively know who’s on the other end?


“Every single person in the world is connected, and together there is Unity.”

No one, and I mean no one is alone, and we are built to be that way. We, humankind, all share this world. We all share life. We are woven together. Each and every day we come into contact with other people. Whether it be on the road, or as we stand in line at the bank, people are a part of our individual lives. Is it so unimaginable that, in some way, we are all connected to each other? Furthermore, is it possible to explore that connection, that bond, the thread of life that weaves through all of us?



“the state of being one; oneness”

An experience unlike any before it, and quite possibly any to ever come again. Unity explores the very foundation of what it means to be human. Throughout the Unity experience a singular thread of humanity is tugged on, pulled tight, and tested. Can two complete strangers harmonize so that what one experiences what the other feels? Can a random group of people make a series of decisions that all lead back to each other? Is it possible that the human instinct becomes so focused that the most complicated of puzzles can be solved unknowingly?

Unity must be experienced to be believed.


Corporate or Private Events

Today, top level companies and celebrities are seeking those who can deliver more than a show, they want an experience. They want something that goes beyond “magic tricks,” they want to feel as though they were apart of something special. Private events such as weddings, birthdays, and special celebrations are seeking those who can give their friends, family, and co-workers something more, something beyond the typical. They want to share life, and Unity is just that: a shared experience.

Unity can accommodate a private, intimate event consisting of a small group of people, an event with hundreds of guests, or a social gathering where people are encouraged to mingle together. For more information, or to book a showing please follow the link below.

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