My little story

I’m  a celebrated performer, at least that’s what my mother tells me, based in Long Beach California. My goal with every performance is to create a fun, enjoyable, entertaining environment. I don’t want to present myself as some mysterious Hogwarts dropout, or a washed up card cheat. I want to have fun, and more importantly I want you to have fun. Please don’t misunderstand, I take what I do extremely serious. I spend nearly all of my down time practicing and developing new routines, and refining current material so that when I perform the focus is on my viewers, not the tricks.

I’ve spent decades learning this dorky art because I had no friends growing up. What else was I supposed to do? If you’re looking for someone who is both skilled in his craft, but still has a ton of fun, I’m probably a good fit for your event. If you’re looking for something a little more serious than that, just tell me. I can fake it really well. In either case, my name is Jeff Walsh and I spend way too much time alone, playing with my deck.