My little story

There’s something about Las Vegas that sparks the wildest dreams. Stories of sitting at a table and winning so much money you never have to work again. It’s the quintessential factor of the American Dream, hitting it big and never looking back. My name is Jeff Walsh and for the last 20 years I’ve spent countless hours learning the psychology, philosophy, and techniques of card sharks, and for the last 10 years I’ve turned those techniques into one of the most unique shows and demonstrations in the world.

Imagine yourself, and your guests, being able to watch a card cheat do what they do, all for fun. The age old game, still found on Las Vegas Blvd, three-card-monte played right in your very own hands, and yet the money card still eludes you. You’ve heard stories, possibly even seen videos, of short-change hustlers. Well, you and your guests can watch as I demonstrate short-change artistry, in a lighthearted and hilarious routine where we turn $20 into $10, slowly, and it’s all done in your hands. I never touch the money. Beyond these you’ll see demonstrations of card handling, poker dealing, and false dealing all brought together in the safety of a wildly entertaining show.

Lastly, imagine being handed a fully shuffled deck, given the opportunity to shuffle it yourself, and in the end YOU, not me, deal a round of Texas Hold’em and end up dealing a Royal Flush.

As a Magician Member of the world famous Magic Castle in Hollywood CA, and the International Brotherhood of Magicians, you can be guaranteed my performances are of the highest quality.

I’ve eliminated all dangers of card hustling/cheating and elevated it into theatrical performance artistry. It’s fun, entertaining, engaging, and leaves everyone with something to talk about for months to come.

Seeing is believing. Trust everyone, but always cut the cards.